About TonyH

TonyH started his gourmet chocolate making adventures a number of years ago after deciding that some of the chillies in his delicious chilli sauces would make a perfect truffle filling.

He branched out and began experimenting with different fillings and flavours, and as they say “the rest is history”!

Visiting craft brewers and cheesemakers, and collaborating with experts far and wide, TonyH has come up with a number of unique and very interesting chocolates for the connoisseur.

Taste tested by hordes of enthusiastic associates, and using only natural and organic ingredients, TonyH Artisan Chocolates have been rigorously monitored to assess quality and flavour.


Testimonials to taste

And now for testimonials from real people with happy taste buds:

“TonyH chocs melt in the mouth. Even the Italian choccies we got the other day didn’t compare! Yum, yum”        “After tasting a number of TonyH creations, I now no longer enjoy off-the-shelf chocolates.  Nothing but TonyH truffles will do!” – Simone J-S, Noordhoek.

“These are quite honestly the best chocolates I have ever tasted. Guess what everyone is getting from me for Christmas. ” – Lorraine S, Constantia

“Tony your chocolates are the best! I loved each and every one, devoured each slowly one by one, and loved every moment!” – Louisa D, City

“Tony, I’ve just eaten your chocolate and had an adventure in my mouth!” – Deni B, Cape Town

“Cedric here from Yebo Electronics. We just had a very nice treat being dropped off here at the shop. All I can say is WOW! those are the best chocolates we ever had. Very nicely balanced taste as well. LOVE THEM.”

“Completely brilliant and imaginative  …” – Maggie N, Wales

“Cheese and wine in chocolates, 3 of my favorite things!! Divine divine divine” Elizabeth P-B, Cape Town


Ecole Chocolat Certified Chocolatier