Products & Services

All products hand crafted by TonyH use home grown or natural ingredients such as herbs, spices, fruits, juices and other seasonal ingredients. No artificial flavours, stabilisers or preservatives are used.

This also has the effect that items made at different times do not all taste exactly the same as the fresh ingredients vary in taste by season or variety used.

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Pricing will vary both from item to item as well as when ingredient prices change and/or availability becomes scarce or abundant! This will be kept to the very minimum possible.


Special Functions or Events

We are able to cater for the special needs of any function or event, be it private or public. We can offer bespoke products as well as selections of all our gourmet chocolate truffles and TonyH Select mini-slabs. This could include printing both texts and/or pictures on selected items.

Pricing for this is by mutual agreement and is according to the nature of what is required and the volumes entailed. Please call/email us and we can talk!

Artisan Chocolates

All truffles and mini-slabs as well as moulded/filled chocolates are individually hand-crafted and use best quality Swiss, Belgian or local dark, milk and/or white chocolate in the ganache as well as for enrobing.

Truffles are infused with a variety of flavourings to suit all tastes. Mini-slabs have some different flavours, some exotic or unusual. Chocolates offered include some old favourites as well as a selection of gourmet infusions and fillings. Some new or those which may be considered exotic are also produced from time to time where experiments and trials prove successful!

Examples of those we have offered and sold can be found on the products page. Note that not all varieties are available at all times.

All items can be made to order, some are only available on order, and are subject to minimum quantities as well as an element of pre-payment.

Your own “special” or individualised flavourings can also be considered – email us with your ideas!


Chocolate Appreciation & Tasting

Talk to us about our Chocolate appreciation and tasting sessions. For small groups wanting to learn a little more about chocolate and how to taste chocolate to appreciate all the flavours fully.



TonyH Artisan Chocolates can be purchased directly from this website (when stock is available).

Alternatively, let TonyH give you a quotation for an event or corporate gifts for clients and staff.  Secretaries’ Day and Bosses’ Day would be a really happy one for staff who receive TonyH divine chocolates.

If you’re getting married or celebrating your anniversary, why not make an appointment with the man himself to design your own special bespoke chocolates?